The "Starwars: A new hope" movie is copyrighted Lucasfilm.
I use it without permission but not for commercial use.
Please don't use LSW for commercial purpose.

Current percentage of achievement of the film:
46.86 % (0:53:16 on 1:53:41)

This version is in DivX 320x240 format.

For convenience reasons, I split the film in small parts. The first number refer to the part, the second one to the version of the part (Because sometimes I can decide to make a modification on the film), and the last letters refer to the language used.

lsw1.6.en.avi (16.0 Mb)
lsw2.2.en.avi (8.4 Mb)
lsw3.2.en.avi (13.7 Mb)
lsw4.5.en.avi (8.0 Mb)
lsw5.2.en.avi (4.4 Mb)
lsw6.1.en.avi (6.7 Mb)
lsw7.0.en.avi (7.3 Mb)
lsw8.2.en.avi (6.4 Mb)
lsw9.2.en.avi (16.3 Mb)
lsw11.1.en.avi (10.0 Mb)
lsw12.0.en.avi (10.2 Mb)
lsw14.0.en.avi (16.0 Mb)

If you want to compare my lego version with the original film, I produced some examples in 640x480 without sound but with the original movie in the top right corner. You can download them here:

lswcomp.3.0.avi (12.2 Mb)

lswcomp.7.0.avi (10.0 Mb)

A short brickfilm in the pirate universe:
Boooommm.avi (44 seconds) 1.53 Mb
You can also visit the article I wrote on the freelug site to explain the design of the canon used in this film.
Brickfilm evaluation: 4.57/10
A very short brickfilm made with a friend during one afternoon. Joe Vig is delivering a pizza to Darth Vador in a Luc Besson's film "5th Element" decor style.
Pizza_fly.avi (28 seconds) 7.67 Mb
Brickfilm evaluation: too bad, not accepted.
Hey just for fun I made a little film with some Battle Droids! This is a musical video for the song "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" from "Daft Punk":
BattleDroidBand.avi (3 min 52 s) 8.1 Mb
Brickfilm evaluation: 5.94/10
I also made two other little lego animations before starting LSW. The first one is an original story made in the starwars universe: A speederbike imperial pilot ask to two technicians to build him a speederbike. This film was made with the lego sets #7128 and #7140, and I recorded my voice and some other sounds for the audio track.
the_speederbike.avi (2 min 07 s) 10.1 Mb
Brickfilm evaluation: 5.03/10
The second one is just a studying film made with a Lego Technic character and the set #1972. This is a mute film.
legoanimation.avi (11 seconds) 239 Kb
Brickfilm evaluation: not submitable (this is a test film).