This page contains some files that helped me to make my movies. You will also find some CAD files of the models I built and used in the film. These CAD files are made with MLCAD and allow you to rebuild the models if you're interested into.

20th_century_fox.ldr (38.1 Kb)

The Lego model of the "20th century fox" logo used at the really begining of the film.
corelian_corvet.ldr (8.5 Kb)

The Lego model of the Corelian Corvet used in the scenes at the begining of the film. I designed it the more tiny as possible (considerating I wanted to have the 11 reactors on the back) cause the star destroyer must be 10 times bigger!
I made two different versions of the corvet, the upper model is more recent.
star_destroyer.mpd (45.2 Kb)

This is my first attempt of the star destroyer before I buy the official Lego model.
NB: The upper right side of the star destroyer is exactly symmetrical to left side.
star_destroyer_tummy.mpd (16.8 Kb)

This is an add-on for the official Lego model of the star destroyer. For the film I need to remove the base and put a real tummy for the star destroyer. Here it is.
corelian_corvet_corridor.ldr (16.5 Kb)

This is the first set used for the film: the corridor of the Corelian Corvet, where the battle between the rebels and the stormtroopers takes place.
corelian_corvet_dark_corridor.ldr (13.4 Kb)

This second set was used for the dark scenes in the Corelian Corvet, for example when Leia put the plan in R2D2, and when the droids move to the escape pod.
tatoine_skeleton.ldr (3.06 Kb)

This is the skeleton of the creature that C3PO met in the Tatoine desert, just after landing on Tatoine.
sandcrawler.ldr (55.0 Kb)

The Sandcrawler is the vehicle used by the jawas on Tatoine. This model is almost at the same scale of the characters (a bit smaller).
the_robots_of_the_jawas.ldr (3.5 Kb)

This is an attempt of modelization of the strange robots that the jawas try to sell to Owen Lars.
luke_workshop.ldr (35 Kb)

This is the workshop where Luke clean R2D2 and C3PO.
lars_home_outside.ldr (6.2 Kb)

This is the outside place of the Lars' home on Tatoine.
binoculars_frame.ldr (2.3 Kb)

This is the frame of the Luke's binoculars use in some cuts of the film.
lars_dining_room.ldr (13.1 Kb)

This is the place where Luke, Beru and Owen Lars have their dinner.
lars_home_inside.ldr (32.1 Kb)

This is the center of the Lars home, a hole in the desert. Well this decor only appears in 3 cuts of the whole film, that's a lot of work for only few seconds.
lars_kitchen.ldr (9.2 Kb)

This is the kitchen of the Lars. It's a little but very nice room, made for only one shot (35 images taken). I took a lot a care to build this set though, I really like it.
council_room.mpd (52.0 Kb)

This is the Imperial Council Room in the Star Destroyer. This is a multi-parts file, and I used MLCAD 3.0 to create it.
ben_home.ldr (5.7 Kb)

This is the outside of the Ben Kenobi's Home. This model is used for only one shot in the film and has a very simple design.
luke_landspeeder.ldr (3.0 Kb)

This is the Landspeeder of Luke. I used the original Lego set but changed the color into red. I also put the mini-Landspeeder that I used in a far shot.
bantha.ldr (15.0 Kb)

The Bantha is the animal that the Tunsken Raiders ride. His eyes are lighten up by a lego light.
death_star.ldr (45.9 Kb)

This is the model of the Death Star used for the wide shot. There will be another model for the close shots during the final battle. This model is an half-sphere model.
death_star_jail.mpd (75.8 Kb)

This is the jail of the Death Star where the Princess Leia was prisoner. This models needs more than 700 "Tile 1x2 grille" !! :-)
ben_home_inside.ldr (16.7 Kb)

This is the inside of the Ben's home. This set requires 5 slope bricks 33 3x2 inverted, which only exists one time in the set number 4507 released this summer 2004. So again, this is not a cheap decor! :-)
moss_esley_entrance.mpd (28.3 Kb)

This is the entrance of Moss Esley. I think it's the first of a lot of sets for Moss Esley. This is a very basic set, cause it's seen in a single far shot in the film. There is a lot of bricks 2x4.
moss_esley_far.ldr (17.8 Kb)

This is the far view of Moss Esley. It's always pleasant to do a set with a micro-scale.
tatoine_mountain.ldr (15.2 Kb)

This is a micro-scale model of the mountain from where Obi Wan and Luke watch Mos Esley.
yellow_landspeeder.ldr (6.8 Kb)

This is a landspeeder that we can see in Mos Esley.
moss_esley.mpd (31.5 Kb)

This is the entrance of the Cantina in Moss Esley.
moss_esley_red_door.mpd (17.2 Kb)

This is red door in Moss Esley, locked by R2D2 just before the check of the stormtrooper patrol. The building of the frame of the door is really complex!
tie_fighter.mpd (19.7 Kb)

This is a Tie Fighter. I built this model because the original one by Lego was too far, according to me, from the ship in the movie.
moss_esley_street_1.mpd (21.5 Kb)

This is a street of Moss Esley, where Luke sale its landspeeder.
moss_esley_street_2.ldr (4.6 Kb)

This is another street of Moss Esley.
moss_esley_street_3.mpd (30.9 Kb)

Yet another street of Moss Esley which is in fact the entrance of the Millenium Falcon's hangar.
moss_esley_hangar.mpd (26.2 Kb)

This is a part of the hangar on Moss Esley where the Millenium Falcon is parked.