The LSW (Lego StarWars) project is a mad project that consists in remaking the "StarWars: A New Hope, episode 4" George Lucas' film with Lego parts, by animating the lego characters frame by frame.

I'm a big fan of StarWars and I love Lego. I also like to make animation films, so it is very natural that this idea comes up to my mind after a friend of mine challenged me to remake the first scene of "Starwars: A New Hope" with real spaceships built in Lego.

So the challenge is to remake "Starwars: A New Hope" only with Lego Parts. That concern the characters, the spaceships but also the decor. Non-lego parts are disallowed. However some fixed background could be used, and some special effects such as the laser fires could be add during the post-production phase.

Download the latest version of LSW here!

Of course on this site you will be able to download the last version of my in progress animation film, but you will also find the schedule of what I have still to do, and some ressource files that I used to make the film.

If you want to contact me, click on the princess Leia message in the upper left corner.

I'm not the only one who make Lego animation films. Here are some interesting links:
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